Transfer window open & Points update

We arrived the season halftime and the transfer window is open!

You got 2 weeks to edit your lineup and add players to your lineup. Please if you do so, leave a comment in the Discord channel #division-invite to let your opponent know, what you changed.


We deleted the “leavers” – those teams who didn’t want to compete anymore in the season.

The scores of the left teams are corrected and everyone has an actual update at their scores. We decided to give 0 points for each match because we don’t want to have e.g. 10 no shows for every team in the division, because of leaver. So if you win against an actual leaver, you lost your points what you achieved against them and the same happening with the other teams as well.

Update of the Points

We take this opportunity and also edit every division according to the points. We decided to give 2 points instead of 3 for a draw, all points are updated.

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