Summer League Premier League Final 4 + Relegation games

Dear CoD1 players,

Unfortunately we arrived to the end of the summer and it means the regular season has been ended in the Summer League as well. The Premier League teams will play final 4 with semi-final and final besides we also have relegation matches. All of the matches will be played in BO3 system (ban&pick) with the Summer League maps.

Maplist: mp_burgundy, mp_dawnville, german_town, mp_carentan, mp_railyard, mp_harbor, mp_tigertown, mp_depot, mp_neuville

08. 29. 2020 – 09. 06. 2020

Final 4 semi-final matches:

GotOwned vs. emperor

punk52 vs. IDLE

Relegation matches:

Power of Retro vs. AVE

hasacze vs. A-BALKAN

09. 13. 2020 at 20:00 CET Final 4 final

Have fun guys, streams will be organized, stay tuned.

CoD1Mania Team

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