Welcome to the elite – welcome to the divisions!

Divisions start on the 15th of June 2020 on the CoD1Mania.com

You will have the opportunity to play Call of Duty 1 in a semi-professional competitive league as well

You can sign up for the divisions below

How is it working?

In general, we got several divisions to play based on your skill level. You have to achieve your place on the table and climb up each division to finally play between the elite in  the 1st Division – Premier League. Get your crown as a season grand champion after the final four what you have to win at the end. 10 teams are going to face each other in a 9 weeks of period and it depends on your placement that you will either stay, leave or win the division. One season will last for 12 weeks in total, until the next season starts.

What are the rules?

  • Match procedure
    • Best of 1
    • MR13 (cod1mania_bo1)
    • pre-selected maps (the usual 9 cup maps &
      + 2 extra according to the vote)
  • Season procedure
    • 1 season will last for 9 weeks
    • 1 match/week
    • Strict player roster: players can only play for 1 team, there will be an option to add 2 additional players after the 5th round
  • Division procedure
    • Max 10 teams in one division
    • 3 points for a win, 1 pont for a draw
    • 1st Division – Premier League: best 4 teams get an invite into the final four
    • 9th & 10th are going to the next lower division
    • 8th has to play against the 3rd of the next lower division in a relegation match


We already got some cups in CoD1Mania and placements in the current ladders.

Therefore we can already say, which are the strongest teams in our competitions. Therefore we decided to place the teams manually with common decision at the first time.

But we want to see your opinions as well. So please choose wisely which one division you want to play at the beginning. 


Week 1: mp_burgundy
Week 2: mp_dawnville
Week 3: german_town
Week 4: mp_carentan
Week 5: mp_railyard
Week 6: mp_harbor
Week 7: mp_tigertown
Week 8: mp_depot
Week 9: mp_neuville

Registration deadline: June 15. 2020 20:00 CET


Timer expired

Registered teams:

  • crossfire: razzah,ShadE,kOcka,dAxika, PLAYER5
  • eXodus: Petrenko, Riva, Karaj, Gyul4, Jedi, Kacsa, Berger, TIREAL
  • HaL: fr4gzz, justo, Eversman, Trees, sudden
  • INFINITy*SkillS: Alex, GeroGhost, Frentzen, Skyline, NewZoo
  • LAMAWORLD: S, kyleka, alien, Syntax, wuki, hard
  • mi: Mo’kus, Redex, Nexah, Lipcsi, Makesz, Rudi, Mr, Trixiko, Gke
  • PIMP: SON1Cx, BURN, gerydozz, Choke, R4PTOR, AleX, exiLe, Skit
  • punk52: agazzi, asthma, bocey, hami, meta, monyo, showtime, totyi
  • WhatVr: prison, abRa, lowzor, tanker, skrizo
  • 1944: hide, nitro, lord, lcr, fess, ejmr, cruel
  • CMUNDY: S4TW, Mass, tOPOSLAf, scud, tetti, ShegY, RnDll89, verTigo
  • dark brotherhood: Akse, jACKET, flinky, SleiP, maxx_, Patsches, POtkan, hectic, REX, Tecka, rpst
  • emperor: mobR_, Hoglm, AIM, nemec_, BaLiK
  • Lamy z Panamy: xeon, volcom, jerome, morrow, Goodiee, klery
  • Livanecky: moRty, komo, nwcs, randal, matikoplay, Ch!ck?, RePTILe, Shock, djnulla, c0rpse
  • Power of Retro: MAXX, Ares, AmbiiiK, p!ko_, manasek, Mesic, Koblich
  • Team Solid: Mamboh, Fr3nk, caro_, ndK, Miry
  • 9gag: kavu, inlovee, wrona, fzkkk, mrkkk, tayson, kacap
  • hasacze: Nistel, Nayas, koniuchny, VooDoo, Gibon, Simon
  • nikczemne Gumisie: jtGz, h3lioS, goRn, anthr@x, angel, diox, skyhack
  • t2d: motator, tagan, turkov, PLAYER4, PLAYER5
  • OVERIDE: ArnO, azer, clement, GuiGui, octo, woken, X’mo, YeyE
  • BIG B(.)(.)BS Gaming: WuuulF, GouL, TommY, benniii, GoTTi
  • kHH: lenny, scooba, Wetter, dASbEIN, cry, Joerch, Tanzbaer87
  • ALMOST: bRATNEY, Kurt, ludiga, mockbert, temaL, woox
  • remember: wormii, medo, Hooker, kvvz, vztx, yumm, shubb, braddock, samkjeh
  • A-BALKAN: NapaLm, wheeleR, $1ckRhYm3, Godrik, RossoneR, p4r4n01d, tepzZz,
  • Ave: Smokeus, r3zistus, Jarbar1aN, kikii, M1z3ptUn, V@mp!$tus, krAjus, Fade, Capone
  • Defying Logics: faa1th, Shuya, 1ceyyy, razRR, tanek
  • Eternity Gaming: void, voy4k, jo_ozus, brian, cockeh, doktor, judge, prizefightr
  • GotOwned: Nervvvv, Kubaaa, qT*, bRANNEY, ASSE, rONOx
  • #IDLE: fLpY, Mr.Ice, Nano, Apex, Kaiii, Nightfall, dutch, supertroopa
  • KnightS*Gaming: Nafy, Xavi, Sappy, Rikk, Ctaz, TBA
  • p13: bENDER, Kira, shTk, pTk, p1tikEE
  • rAvenous: Rigor, Molly, Milli, SPR, Vsevolod ,o_Okati, Mayer, Sqdr, Dustie, Citic
  • #SchnitzelEchtGaming: nanaaa, TjEEEBi, Jsons, xratEd, dietchi, banksy, invisible, SnuRk, Hatcheriii, Datamursu
  • #v22. Enemy Down*: Vicious, BILLAZ, noobster, Explode, T1MSKE, rapidzjeh, f4KL, extence, fracx
  • vitalix: Fluxy, kraz, nrvn, pokR, daNNN, Ska, n1tro, SkyPjEh, xav



What are the players requirements for playing in a division?

You have to have an original CD key (Division 1 & 2) besides a clean record on pbbans.com and an entered PB GUID in your player profile.

What if we sign up, but can’t play then? Or we will be disqualifed?

You will lose your division place for the current season and need to start again at the lowest division in the next season

How is the procedure to join a division after the first season?

You need to sign up for the upcomming season in the lowest division – you can’t join to a division while the season is running

How can we communicate with other teams or admins in regards of the divisions?

We will create a new discord channel within the official CoD1Mania Discord, that one is the offical communication channel for the divisions.

What about the ladders?

Of course, we will leave the ladder like it is – divisions are focusing more on professional teams with harder and more strict rules like in the ladders.

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