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Thank you for your 90 ! Votes

As you see, United Offensive got the most votes and almost 1/3 of you guys want to have UO ladders – so we will focus on to add UO ladders in the future. Of course, we need lots of preparation in the background for both in technical and organisational aspects.

The 1v1 SD ladder finished on the 2nd place and it will be launched soon because we are already prepared for this mode.

The 3rd place is Rifle only. Here we got almost the same “problem” like in OU – we need some time for the preparation. So we need to look into what are the requirements and rules and then we can launch it – this will take some time.

The 4th place is 1v1 DM. We will see how the 1v1 SD ladder works and check the activity. If it is going to run as we planned then we can also think about to launch the 1v1 DM ladder.

The 5th and 6th place finishers are the 3v3 TDM and 5v5 HQ together. We are also interested in to launch these ladders later on but until that we have other priorities. So no worries guys, we are going to remember to this vote and implement them in the future to bring a fresh wind in the community.

Below the 6th place no words needed as the vote shows it – so we won’t focus on them.

Thank you for participating – we will take care of your opinion!

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