CoD1Mania Division Autumn – Winter 2020 Final matches

Dear CoD1 players,

We are done with the regular season in the divisions. The Premier League teams have to play Final 4 matches meanwhile there will be relegation matches both in the 2nd and the 3rd divisions. OVERIDE and HASACZE will join to the Premier League in the next season, whateVer is going to 2nd Division. SUPERKIDS and NERlords have been promoted to the 2nd division, [kHH] kurze Hose Holzgewehr and [LW] LAMAWORLD can start their next season in the 3rd division.
Simon took the responsibility to manage rest of the matches, the teams can reach out him in case of any questions.

Map list: mp_burgundy, mp_container, mp_carentan, mp_dawnville, mp_depot, german_town, mp_harbor, mp_neuville, mp_powcamp, mp_railyard, mp_tigertown

Banning system: ban ban ban ban ban ban pick pick ban ban 3rd map


Final 4 semi-final matches + relegation matches (Premier League, Division 2) 03. 20. 2021 – 04. 04. 2021
Final 4 final and bronze matches until 04. 18. 2021

Premier League Final 4
GotOwned vs. Let’s the bash begin
CURSED vs. mofos

Premier League relegation match

The Myth of vs. remember 

Division 2 relegation match

[INF] INFINITY*SKILLS vs. [9gag] ^9gag.snnhsr

Thank you for the wonderful regular season matches, let’s continue together this journey with the final ones!

Best regards,

CoD1Mania Admin Team

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