Announcement February 28. 2021

Dear CoD1 players,

All of you have been informed about nitro’s ban in November, since then we have some changes in this case and the admins deleted his ban (all of the admins agreed). Nitro reached out us and wrote us a letter. He admitted his guilt and gave us all of the information about the macro usage and about the players who can have the settings as well. Nitro also apologized because of his behavior and promissed it will not happen again besides has willingness to reintegrate to the community. He behaved mature enough during his ban, didn’t start to hurt us or flame on us, didn’t act toxicly, and he contributed with us.

Furthermore, he is going to upload his Moss files and demos after his matches. Last but not least, nitro is going to participate on the next LAN event when the pandemic situation will be better.

CoD1Mania Team

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