Ladders come back to CoD1

I am happy to announce that the ladders came back to the Call of Duty 1 community. All of us have good memories about the good golden ages when teams played against each other on Clanbase.

At the beginning, we are launching 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 Search and Destroy ladders but if the community wants we can add additional game modes as well. This platform is able to host both tournaments and leagues as well, so everything is going to be at the same place in the future. We also gave a new design for the website as you can see because this big step deserves a more professional outlook which could reflect on our belief, the continuous improvement.

This is a huge milestone in the community’s life, we should look back to the beginning of this journey when we only had 22 teams and only few dedicated people to make CoD 1 great again and now, a whole organization stands behind this project.

Enjoy the moment guys, register your player profile, team and let’s the competition begin.

Good luck and have fun.

CoD1Mania Leadership

#cod1mania #makecod1greatagain