CoD1Mania NationsCup Fall 2020

Dear CoD1 players,

I am happy to announce the CoD1Mania NationsCup Fall 2020, the new NationsCup will be pretty similar to the previous ones, please find the information below.


  • Team captain registration: 08. 28. 2020 – 09. 12. 2020 20:00 CET (at the bottom of the page)
  • Team roster registration: 09. 14. 2020 – 09. 24. 2020 20:00 CET
  • NationsCup group games start time: 09. 25. 2020

Game type: Search & Destroy 5v5, all weapons, 1.5 patch

Schedule: group games (1 match every 2 weeks) and playoff games

Maplist: Brecourt, Carentan, Dawnville, Depot, Harbor, Neuville, Powcamp, Railyard, Tigertown, +2 additional maps according to the vote.

General rules: Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany have bigger community than the average therefore they will have a limit, so these national teams can not have more than 3 members of the same active clan and only 2 can play in the same time. The other countries will not have such restrictions. Teams can have maximum 10 players and there will be an option to swap 2 players after the group games.

Stream, secured Admins, Anti Cheat system etc. more information later on.

If your country has a small community then no worries please still apply and get in touch with us, Email, Facebook, Discord etc., we are going to help you.

In that case, if your country has a bigger community than the average then provide a list of the clans and players who support your candidacy.

Have fun guys, if you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

CoD1Mania Team





Email contact:

NationsCup Team captain registration: (Please reach out us afterwards for double check on discord, FB etc.)

Registered national teams:

  • Team Hungary
  • Team Poland
  • Team Czech Republic
  • Team Netherlands
  • Team Slovenia
  • Team Belgium
  • Team France
  • Team Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Team Austria
  • Team Croatia
  • Team Finland
  • Team United States of America
  • Team United Kingdom
  • Team Slovakia
  • Team Spain
  • Team Germany
  • Team Switzerland
  • Team Canada

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