CoD1Mania Cup #9 – Santa Claus Weekend Cup

Hi guys,

I am pleased to announce the 9th CoD1 Mania Online Cup, please find the registration form below.

Date: December 5-6. 2020

Application deadline: December 3. 2020 20:00 CET

Map and group draw: December 3. 2020 20:00 CET

Cup organizer: SNK, Skrizo, Tanker

Game type: Search & Destroy 5v5, all weapons, 1.5 patch

Game system: group games and double-elimination playoff games (bo1 mr13 ban), final (bo3 mr10 ban&pick)

Maplist: Brecourt, Carentan, Dawnville, Depot, Harbor, Neuville, Powcamp, Railyard, Tigertown, german_town, burgundy

General rules: maximum 8 players/team

Schedule: teams can start the group games on Friday afternoon/evening (December 4. 2020) and they have to finish all of the group games until Saturday 19:00 CET and then the playoffs will start. Final in bo3 on Sunday evening.

MOSS is required.

If you don’t have a team you can also apply with your contact details (Facebook, email, Discord) and we can help you.


Gameserver hosting and technical advisory by Robin Groppe (

Have fun guys, if you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.


If your players are from different countries, you can put Europe
Please write the players name next to each other with last 8 GUID characters and divide them with comma. eg. PLAYER1(321asd21), PLAYER2(43sd54fg)

Registered teams:

  • betyars: Petrenko, Kacsa, Gyula, Jedi, mnvcs, player6, player7
  • iNf!N!tY*Skills: Fr3ntzen 2785a287, Trixiko 8e730e93, GeroGhost fb1bb8d5, Tireal 0d2266dc, Skyline
  • NERlords: McFly (51cc9877), Nirbo (7edbfecf), Rainthex (c5b73712), nn (???), nexah (25901725), alien (1d5a2d34)
  • PIMP: SON1Cx (320780e6), Ph03n!X (cd78e37a), Choke (1d0aec55), R4PTOR (4b5239b9), AleX(0942236a), exiLe (55a6d55b), HaM[!]* (85436af1), toty1ka (917dc476)
  • micrew: Chowder_ (48cabd0a), lipcsi (71e48024), iNGWEJEJE (1edd55a1), Matthew:* (e7b64eb0), DETROiT~ (78ad8077)
  • SUPERKIDS: bazsa (4a004620), bEnju (8b11e0c6), gerydozz (d11e46e5), SKITZOR (4bcca497), BURN28 (468d2feb), JERSEY (1d5a2d34),
  • whateVer: skrizo (66eb8bb9); tanker (e5c196c6); abRa (81c7cb28); prison (648842c3), Kyleka (4d15ae7a), lowzoR (c0ae4fab)
  • cursed: mobR (6724ed79), nemec (776305f0), Hoglm (c5b7e52b), BaLiK (f53bcc0c), jacket (dc4a246f), Patsches (e543c8b9), RmZ! (def621a7)
  • Lamy z Panamy: xeon (73d03736), volcom (d360e42b), jerome (e11960a4), Goodiee (9e142289), klery (3b592e0a), morrow (c33977b5), FiN (8a13b153)
  • Lívanečky: moRty (ef1a8768), erYYY (ebefcf49), verTigo (1c3ea5b7), FlashDance (5beced8c), navrc (87029272)
  • Wonderk1dz: hide (ff3f2f9c), lck (819a3652), m3x_ (1c794fa1), topyyy (36fded69), Verso (a34114d5), Mass (51c0f3d1)
  • nikczemne Gumisie: jtGz, goRn, aGl, antek, voyak, SKYHACK, crosq, h3lioS, luzak, klofucja
  • OVERIDE: octo (64dc7afc), YeyE (ed8c8c94), nrvn (82588e1b), X’mo (7eaa4d45), clement (ae0df555), skz (5fc35d87), skypjeh (c471850a9), ArnO (ad587653), woken (fe19a274), kraz (1dc4cae7)
  •  <*dpsfh>: Rev (7df34a7b), tepZz (ed3606bd), kARMa (7c0a7397), Godrik (417eec0b), whLs (56977f38), p4rano1d (46e07228), s1ck (600296a3)
  • Fireflies: n1tro (0538693f), xer0 (d8035036), KikoZ (090fed35), Simon (a1b78b3e), eichh (5e83660f), Bajo (3bc5e4bb), dEko (6b76736f)
  • GotOwned: qT (a54e60a9), ASSE (3debe587), Nervvvv (d100e670), bRANNEY (1cb9813f), rONOx (876cc5c5), coldi (39777fc2), VENXZRR (58a9ba94), Kuba (6b14aa15)
  • The Myth of: Fade (6a31cd93), Mizery (42a5a9ac) Kiki (bd0dcc7f), Reziner (c15dd8bc), SNK (bf3e80a0), Tehacek (20e49fc9) Akse(2faae49a) Flinky(530cc5b2)

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