CoD1Mania administrative restructure

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Admin team restructure

We want to inform you, that we are going to restructure the whole administration team around CoD1Mania.

The reasons are simple: we started in February with a much smaller platform than what we have now – the tasks that we got were more simple and we got way more overhead about the whole project.

After 5 months, a new webpage has been created, gameservers, division and ladders besides we got around 400 registered players and way more matches as we can count. So we still have our plans and ideas – but not the overhead about everything as we wish to.

Therefore we need and have admins as well – they help us a lot in administrative and daily tasks.

But not every admins act the same and this is a big problem for us. Of course every admin needs to know the rules and act like every other admin in specific cases. If it doesn’t happen then leads us to unfair behaviour for teams and the community.

Therefore we decided to have more “quality” than quantity in the admin team. This is the reason why we worked on a qualification interview to make sure that an admin can be reliable.

Basicly: we are going to kick all of the admins that we currently have and open the job interview process. So every admin needs to qualify and get a introduction for his future job.
Also: the application is open for everyone! So everyone is able to fill out the application form and – if the job interview is going well – maybe you will be an admin in the future.

We also want to describe the roles better and share it with the whole community so the community and admins know what to do in specific cases.


With this – we need also to edit and improve the current rules. We got in general a good base – based on the old clanbase rules – but we need to improve and extend the rules with specific competitions and scenarios.

Of course the reason behind that because we want to have a better CoD1 experience for you guys. The activity is amazing within the community and we are seeing that people have willingness to play and still interests for the game.


We are still searching for months for a full working Anti-Cheat solution for the community. Unfortunately we can’t make any promises in this topic, because we have lots of technical barriers. But we try our best and let you know if we have any progress in that point.

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