How to a run CoD 1 game server on Linux

Linux is the best way to run a Call of Duty 1 and you can have a look on steps below, enjoy!

1, Download the Linux server files from the link:

Call of Duty Linux Server Version 1.5 Download Large

Call of Duty Server – GCC3 Library

2, You have to copy everything from the cod-lnxded-1.5-large folder to the folder where you want your cod server to be. (in my case my own folder / cod1.5)

Extract the files and you can paste the rest of the pk3 files (those files are in your game folder and copy paste them from pak.3 until pak.b)

3, You need a server.cfg, you can download one and edit.

4, Open the terminal and use the following instructions:
-ls (shows you what is in the folder where we are)
-cd (you can switch with “cd” between folders)
In my case, I put the cod server folder in the root directory (my own folder) so in this case you need to type:
cd cod1.5
“ls” displays what is in the server folder.

5, If your cod server is located in a directory, use cd to move it until it is in the cod folder. For example, the cod server folder is in downloads. In this case:
1, cd Downloads
2, cd cod1.5
and we’re in the cod folder.
Once we have done this, we can start the server with the following command:

– ./cod_lnxded +set dedicated 2 +map_rotate +exec szerver.cfg

Once you have entered it and the server is set up correctly, the server is going to work.

6, Forward the ports through the router.

When the port is ready, the server is running, visible. However, in order to be broken and to work without an original key, the following must be done:
-opening the terminal.
-log in root (as administrator):

Type the following commands into the terminal:

sudo su (password aftwards)

-A INPUT -p udp -m string –algo bm –string “INVALID_CDKEY” –sport 20500 –dport 28961 -j DROP

(you have to type your server port instead of 28961)

7, You might don’t see the X at the hammer however anyone can join to the server with both cracked and original cd key

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