CoD1Mania UO Reborn Cup #2

I am happy to announce the 2nd Call of Duty United Offensive 5v5 Search and Destroy Reborn Cup, organized in cooperation with CoD1Mania.

Date: June 27. – July 12. 2020

Application deadline: June 26. 2020 20:00 CET

Maps: Group games and playoff games (double elimination) mr10, 2 maps (pre selected in early stages, later pick), only finals have 3 maps (1 pre selected & 2 pick)

Maplist: mp_uo_harbor, mp_uo_carentan, mp_uo_dawnville, mp_uo_depot, mp_uo_stanjel, mp_uo_powcamp, mp_peaks, mp_cassino, mp_railyard, german_town

Schedule:  After the registration is closed, opponents will be randomly assigned to groups and the group matches can start. The group matches must be finished by July 5. The next days we will continue with the playoff matches followed by the finals.

If you do not have a team but you want to join the fight, apply by joining our Discord server

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on Discord!

Gameserver hosting and technical advisory by Robin Groppe (

See you on the battlefield soldiers,

United Offensive Reborn Cup team

FORUM for GUIDs and matches click here


Seperated via commas, minimum ammount: 5 fix players

Registered teams:

  • abearth: metio; marchello; rvrsd; mateo; norberto; pintermarci
  • iMMORTALiS: Cobr4cska, BAVARI, STVNO, L1mewax, SLy, Daxi
  • PIMP: razzah, R4PTOR, Sz0tY!*, PLAYER4, PLAYER5, PLAYER6
  • fraggedby: RnDll, vinc, scud, triskac, Vinard, FR4NK, roger, King, f!rSt, Ego
  • Moravians: Mik, Gee!, Bizziiik, frag, Dodr, Striik, LtN, Teddy, SpeeGO, Slayer
  • Addicted2CoD: Kepistar, mEgerek, shadzor, Darkness, sebzz, dOg, jaazz, EndriuGolara, UnknownJoe
  • numb3rs: crosq, bERN, fRz. gacek, MMarcin, WhituseQ
  • Polscy Wymiatacze: Haakon, Bilokus, PiTkom, m$a, Hugo, Krechas, Sew, Czeslaw, GrzecH, Bucek, Kazalagupagup, Cianciar, Ex3c
  • {CODMAi$TAH}: Sn!Perman, Pussybaba, Bumsebaer, Hkp, Sauberman, Magdalena, Froztastic K33nb34n Guhlovic, Lamapalusa
  • lOwzZ~Clan: Fronti, Hottex, Killer, Raptor, Skazi, Lucky, Bummsyyy, Cody, Blackcat, Edertallkiller
  • sweet.steel ~: H:tti, scaR, yakuzia, reddie, shifty, rope, JonEs, MaGe, mnky, shox!, BiFi
  • POKERFACES: davy, protec, gona, gerlo, danonehz, donnie, pear
  • K|F: Atheist, Zorro, m3c3188, rashpil’, Cthulhu, Grizli, mrf, pew-pew, Allen, Parkurov, Z!dane4eG
  • +e9.GaoZ: LUCKii, Pe@R?, I am STAR, PrimeEvil, k1ng, Trees’, ^7FUN, VisionE
  • First Recon Squad: nanaaaa, SnuRk, TjEEEBi, dietchi, Jsons, Hatcheriii, xratEd, invisible, banksy, Datamursu
  • VITARIDE: azer, daNNN, Fluxy, kraz, n1tro, nrvn, octo, Ska, SkyPjEh, woken, X’mo,YeyE

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