CoD1 Mania mixwars on Discord

Discord link:

Dear players,

Let me introduce the mixwars on the CoD1 Mania Discord server. Anyone can apply for mixwars who joined to the server. At the application, you must indicate to the bot in the #mixwar room that you want to participate in the next mixwar.

After the registration, the bot will confirm and it will be visible how many players have registered for the next match. When 10 players have gathered then the bot automatically selects two captains who choose 4-4 from the remaining 8 players.

When the teams are done, the 5 players of the team have to enter one of the voice channels on the discord. The bot will send the ip address and password of the server (which is currently the CoD1 Mania Cup # 1 server) but of course if it is not empty then please feel free to choose an another one. Both teams choose 1 map. (CoD1 Mania cup matchmode MR10) Both teams can choose a side in their own map. If it is not possible to agree on which map is the first then bash decides (only the map). The bot commands, rules and maplist are in the # channel-commands room (which is constantly being updated).

GL&HF for everyone.

The CoD1Mania team.

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