GotOwned won the Cup#2!

The CoD1Mania Cup #2 has been finished on Monday with the grand final between punk52 and GotOwned.

GotOwned won both maps in the bo3 system, carentan and railyard as well.

GotOwned Lineup: Nervvv, ASSE, bRANNEY, Kuba, qT*

Road to the final:

  • GotOwned vs. #IDLE mp_carentan 14:4
  • GotOwned vs. whateVer mp_carentan 14:1
  • GotOwned vs. punk52 mp_brecourt 14:5
  • GotOwned vs. STFD mp_harbor 14:7
  • GotOwned vs. Overide mp_carentan 14:7
  • GotOwned vs. Abstract mp_brecourt 18:14
  • GotOwned vs. punk52 mp_carentan 14:7
  • GotOwned vs. punk52 mp_carentan mp railyard 2:0

See you guys on the next cup!

CoD1Mania Team

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