Job application

If you want to help us, to give the community a good experience in the competition, you can apply here to be an admin.

The process looks like this:

  • You fill out the admin application form
  • You will get an invite to the job application interview on discord
  • If you suceed, you will get directly after an explanation how to do your job and the needed permissions for it.

Please understand: the communication as admin is always in english.

You will be in charge as an CoD1Mania admin. That means to you, you need to be always fair and neutral in any case or situation. Please be always transparent and explain your decissions. Of course you need to follow the rules in any circumstances. You will get the tools and explanation (FAQ) to do your job and get higher privileges on discord, teamspeak and the website.
Please be sure, that you write it down exactly like on discord.