Divisions Q&A

To help you guys to play in divisions, we will answer here your most questions about it.

Step by Step guid for teams, that attend to the Divisions

  • Please be sure, that you meet the requirements before the season starts.
    • Please get familar with the Divisions Summary on Division Page
    • Please get familar with the specific rules in Divisions
  • After your registration, you will be put in a divisions from the admins, we will annouce that very short before the season starts.
  • If you know, which division you going to play, you need to Join the division fast, so the season can begin. You can Join the Division on the specifiy Division Page and click then on Join.
  • If you join the correct Division, that you was put it, we admins will accept your pending petitions

Step by Step guid for your match

  • The matches for all weeks will be drawn before the season begins.
  • You can see your current week opponent on the Division Page.
  • You need to get in contact with your opponent and agree on a Date/Time to play in this week
  • If you find a suitable shedule you will play the match. Dont forget to take pb screenshots, screenshots of the endscore and every player needs to have demo on.
  • After your match, you report your score on the specific Division Page under “report”.
    • Steps: log in -> click on your division button (e.g. First Division, 2nd Division etc.) -> Report -> Pick your opponent, result, fill out the score and click on REPORT
  • The opponent got time to sunday of the current week to accept the match or raise an dispute. If a team raise a dispute, the team is in charge to take a statement about the dispute also till sunday of the current week.

Transfer window

  • Because of the roster fix and the beginning of every season, you cant switch players during the season.
  • We decided to create a transfer window, where you able to change your roster.
  • This transfer window will be open at the 5th and 6th week during the season.

What if our team and the opponent cant find a suitable date/time?

If you dont find any matches for the match, the match will sheduled on a default date. This is in every week the saturday of the week at 20pm.

What are the players requirements for playing in a division?

You have to have an original CD key (Division 1 & 2) besides a clean record on pbbans.com and an entered PB GUID in your player profile. Please read also the rules to be sure, you meet every requirement

What if we sign up, but can’t play then? Or we will be disqualifed?

You will lose your division place for the current season and need to start again at the lowest division in the next season

How is the procedure to join a division after the first season?

You need to sign up for the upcomming season in the lowest division – you can’t join to a division while the season is running

How can we communicate with other teams or admins in regards of the divisions?

We will create a new discord channel within the official CoD1Mania Discord, that one is the offical communication channel for the divisions.

What about the ladders?

Of course, we will leave the ladder like it is – divisions are focusing more on professional teams with harder and more strict rules like in the ladders.